Del Bosque No. 24, Colonia Sección Séptima,
Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca, México, C.P. 70400

Salvadores Tepeztate


Before you enjoy the delicious smooth wood-smoke flavor, pause to enjoy the aroma. The scent of caramel and hints of citrus, floral and cooked agave are ready to greet you. Welcome to our Salvadores Joven – a youthful and vibrant premium quality mezcal. It is a great way to experience mezcal for the first time.



Sparkling, crystalline, with fresh notes very herbal, floral, creamy, and slightly citrus and tropical notes. Scents of pine, fresh green herbs, jalapeno pepper not spicy, but aromatic. Pretty clean. Long finishing with an slight smoked touch.

  • Agave Tepeztate (Marmorata) 18-25 years
  • Twice distilled in our copper pots
  • Available in 750 ml bottle
  • 48% alcohol
  • Certified with the Denominación de Origen by the Consejo Regulador del Mezcai.
  • 100% Agave. 100% Oaxacan.


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