Del Bosque No. 24, Colonia Sección Séptima,
Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca, México, C.P. 70400


Our mezcal heritage

We are proudly from Tlacolula de Matamoros, Oaxaca, a place where the traditions are part of the daily life. The market, the food, the fiestas and our family make our home a special place. Salvadores Mezcal is a family company and we want to honor our ancestors when we rescue the tradition of making mezcal. Every time we share our mezcal, we are sharing a part of our home and our family.



In the 1900’s our great-grandfather started our mezcal tradition.


In the 1930’s, our great-grand father passed the mezcal factory (Palenque) to our grandfather.


In the early fifties, the distillery could not be supported any longer, and a generation of our family grew up without any connection to our family business.

At family gatherings over the years, we talked about rescuing out highest quality artisanal mezcal from being lost forever.


In 2005, we purchased part of the land that belonged to our family where our distillery is now operating.


For more than a decade, we started a journey compiling information of our ancestors, their recipes and processes to craft the best quality of artisanal mezcal.


The construction of Casa Palacios Destilería begins.


Salvadores mezcal is born as a certified brand, which rescues and seeks to preserve the elaboration of the family’s artisanal mezcal.


Salvadores mezcal becomes international.

The Salvadores team works to deliver the best quality of mezcal produced with an authentic and artisanal way, to transcend our heritage to new generations and other cultures.

The Faces of Oaxaca Welcome You

The faces of Oaxaca tell many stories.

It’s our family, friends and neighbors who work the fields to grow the finest agaves.

It’s the expertise that is drawn deeply into the lines on the faces of our Maestros Mezcaleros (these are our master agave cooks and distillers!) who have honed their craft over decades.

And across Mexico and around the world, it can be found in the smiles of everyone who enjoys our handcrafted mezcal when they toast a special family celebration or simply make a new memory with friends.

And when you enjoy Salvadores Mezcal, you too become part of our family. One of the faces of Oaxaca.